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Deadly Shooting At Tallahassee Yoga Studio Claims Two Lives,这不正常

在里面 YD News

最新消息:在枪击事件中丧生的两人分别是21岁的Maura Binkley和61岁的Nancy van Vessem。students of Hot Yoga Tallahassee.(请参阅下面的报告。)

毁灭性的。这不是我们要报道的新闻。It's horrifying and heartbreaking,but it's real and we can't pretend it didn't happen.Or isn't发生.Friday night around 5:30pm a man walked into a Tallahassee,Florida yoga studio with a gun and started firing.Two people are confirmed dead,with at least four others injured from gunshots and rushed to the hospital.

A Friday night evening class.你知道的,这是一个你期待了一个星期的放松和脚踏实地,感觉在自己的皮肤再次在家里。

到目前为止,不明身份的枪手在警察到来之前死于自残的枪击,根据塔拉哈西民主报.This is less than a week after 11 Jewish people were shot and killed worshipping in a synagogue.


Motive has not yet been reported,though it's rumored it had something to do with a domestic dispute.

但也许问题不需要是whybuthow.And what now.

How does this keep happening?这是怎么在瑜伽馆里发生的?一个我们寻求和平的地方,reflection and,for lack of a better word,安全?A place we hope is a sanctuary of inclusion,tolerance,爱,社区,of self-acceptance.

But yoga studios are not exempt from violence.我们就在这里。

Our hearts break for the people's lives lost and the community left in trauma.我们无法想象它们是什么,their family,friends and loved ones are going through.



如果你觉得和这些可怕的东西脱节了,我们在新闻中不断听到的难以置信的枪击事件以惊人的速度急剧增加,maybe this is the one,在瑜伽馆,that's hitting closer to home.

Do we need armed guards outside of yoga studios,too?瑜伽士应该带着吗?

枪瑜伽课堂不再像是一个笑话了。但确实如此。一个非常悲伤的笑话。让我们不要让这些悲剧变得司空见惯。Let's not become downtrodden and complacent.我们都能做些什么。穿guns in our yoga pantsis not it.对,这消息令人沮丧,and yes,太累了。我们从瑜伽中学到很多关于善待自己和邻居的知识。我们了解非判断。我们还了解辨别还有真相,about community,and willpower,and the limitlessness of our own strength.团结的力量。

Let us take a collective deep breath and rise up.

Maybe it feels right now that you are powerless,but you are not.你有声音,你很善良,你有同情心,也许最重要的是,in this moment in time,你有投票权。Let us not squander this moment in history and sit back in our bubble to let其他act.因为,就像瑜伽袋上写的那样,the other person is you.





The shooter has been identified as 40-year-old Scott Beierle.他的嫌疑犯是先前被捕的。

TPD said at about 5:37 p.m.星期五,警察被召集到托马斯维尔路1900街区去热瑜伽塔拉哈西。

When officers arrived on scene,they found multiple people suffering from gunshots wounds.TPD和应急响应人员立即向受害者提供医疗救助,后来被送到当地一家没有生命危险的医院,and life threatening injuries.


According to TPD,Beierle is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.共有6名受害者被射杀。

A total of seven victims have been identified: six gunshot victims,and one pistol whipped victim.

A Tallahassee Memorial Hospital spokesperson said seven people have come to TMH related to the incident with one currently in critical,three in serious,two in good condition,还有一个死者。

TPD称两名受害者情况稳定,and three have been released from a local hospital.


They are asking people to please avoid the area.


Stop Being Judgy and Unyogic — How Discernment Got Lost in 21st-Century Yoga

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  • Blessings to the families and the community.More guns?也许这就是答案,但我不相信。所有暴力事件的共同特征是枪支和心理健康。More guns is reactive.我希望我们能找到一种不那么被动、更主动的方式。

  • 太恐怖了。I think we should go to the deep of this.We need to analyze the reason behind this type of incidents.

  • Cathy Geier


  • 汉娜

    我认为这对我们的世界已经到来的明天和讨论的状态是绝对合适的。I also think it is equally appropriate,更重要的是,to introspect.The reality is that there are no "safe spaces" in the world… There never really have been.One could be attacked in their own home,let alone all these public spaces that are becoming sites of mass shootings.我们都认为我们的社区是安全的,但生活本身就是一种冒险的行为……对那些生活得很充实的人来说更是如此!这也应该是我们对死亡观点的反思。It happens to everyone (yes,对于某些人来说,这还为时过早——基于我们的人为标准)。我们怎么面对死亡?我们准备好了吗?我们每个人都应该考虑这些事情,它不必是一种“病态”的沉思!我希望能为那些逝去的亲人治愈,and yes,行动也是如此。

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