Deadly Shooting At Tallahassee Yoga Studio Claims Two Lives, This Is Not Normal

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UPDATE: The two people who were killed in the shooting are 21-year-old Maura Binkley and 61-year-old Nancy Van Vessem, students of Hot Yoga Tallahassee. (Please see report below.)


A Friday night evening class. You know, the one you’ve been looking forward to all week just to unwind and get grounded and feel at home again in your own skin.

该身份不明枪手死于自己造成的枪伤的民警赶到前,根据Tallahassee Democrat。这是不到一个星期后,11犹太人被枪杀在会堂杀崇拜。

(Update: gunman has since been identified–please see report below.)



How does this keep happening? How did this happen in a yoga studio, a place we turn to for a sense of peace, reflection and, for lack of a better word, safety? A place we hope is a sanctuary of inclusion, tolerance, love, community, of self-acceptance.




But let us not recoil and burrow further into ourselves.


我们需要武装警卫以外的瑜伽工作室,too? Should yogis be carrying?

Gun yoga类看起来像这么大一个笑话已经不。但它是。一个非常悲惨的笑话。让我们不要让这些悲剧司空见惯。让我们不要成为受压迫而沾沾自喜。我们都可以做一些事情。穿着在我们的瑜珈裤枪is not it. Yes, the news is deeply depressing, and yes, it’s exhausting. We learn a lot from yoga about being kind to ourselves and our neighbors. We learn about non-judgement. We also learn aboutdiscernmentand truth, about community, and willpower, and the limitlessness of our own strength. The power of unity.


也许现在你是无能为力的感觉,但你不是。你有一个声音,你的善良,你的同情,也许最重要的是,在这个时刻,你有投票权。让我们不要浪费这一历史时刻,并坐下来在我们的泡沫,让others法案。因为像它说的瑜伽士茶叶袋,the other person is you.

The last photo posted to the Hot Yoga TallahasseeInstagram的在拍摄之前发生。

UPDATE viaWTXL,塔拉哈西,佛罗里达州:

The Tallahassee Police Department have released the names of the two people killed and the suspect in the Hot Yoga Tallahassee shooting on Friday evening.



TPD said at about 5:37 p.m. Friday, officers were called to the 1900 block of Thomasville Road to Hot Yoga Tallahassee.


TPD said Binkley and Vessem have died as a result of the shooting and one additional victim was hospitalized after being pistol whipped.



A Tallahassee Memorial Hospital spokesperson said seven people have come to TMH related to the incident with one currently in critical, three in serious, two in good condition, and one deceased.





Stop Being Judgy and Unyogic — How Discernment Got Lost in 21st-Century Yoga

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  • 祝福到家庭和社区。更多的枪?也许这就是答案,但我不这么认为。在所有的暴力事件的共同点是枪和心理健康。更多的枪是反应。我希望我们能找到我们的方式来减少被动反应,更加积极主动。

  • It’s horrifying. I think we should go to the deep of this. We need to analyze the reason behind this type of incidents.

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    我认为这是绝对拨出两个早晨和讨论我们的世界进入了状态。我也认为这是同样合适,也许更重要的,内省。现实情况是,没有“安全空间”的美誉......从来就没有真的已经。人们可以在自己的主场被攻击,更不用说正在成为大规模射杀的网站所有这些公共空间。我们都喜欢把我们的社区是安全的,但生活的行为本质上是冒险的事......更因此对于那些谁生活完全!这也应该是围绕着我们对死亡的看法反思的时间。它发生在每个人(是的,太早期的一些 - 基于我们的人制定的标准)。我们如何满足死吗?这是我们准备?我们每个人都应该考虑这些事情,它并没有成为一个“病态的”沉思! I hope healing for the loved ones of those lost, and yes, action as well.

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